Getting a refund following an internet scam: is it possible?

Here is a very delicate subject to deal with! First point to know, there are a phenomenal amount of types of scams on the internet. This article will therefore not be able to provide any categorical truth on the subject "yes it is possible to be reimbursed for a scam on the internet" or "no it is impossible to be reimbursed for a scam on the internet".

We will nevertheless try to deal with the various possibilities for reimbursement in the context of bank card scams on the internet.

By pay-per-view scams, we mean: "you have entered your card on a site and following that, you see withdrawals every month" (therefore this article will not be valid for theft of bank details or even webcam for example).

To obtain a refund following an internet scam, the first question to ask yourself is "WHO will reimburse me?" ". From this question will follow the steps to be taken to be reimbursed and recover their money.

Case number 1: I want the site that took my money to reimburse me


Does the site have a legal obligation to reimburse me?

It all depends on the GTC (general conditions of sale) that you validated by entering your card initially. Because yes, when buying on the internet, you necessarily validate the GTC. The problem is that, often, these T & Cs are automatically checked and therefore, you do not think to read them before validating your purchase (especially if you are just thinking of buying a small trial offer or a cheap product).

Most often, if you notice monthly withdrawals following the first purchase, it is because it was expected that this would lead to a subscription. And so if this was mentioned in the T & Cs, the company has no legal obligation to reimburse you.

But good news, in some cases, companies accept reimbursement requests: they do not necessarily reimburse all of the monthly payments deducted but a part (to be negotiated with them). The condition for obtaining a refund: not to have used the service for which you are billed each month.


How do I get a refund?

Well, quite simply by contacting the company and requesting the refund: by explaining why you want to obtain a discount or a refund, partial or total.

Trick : you no longer remember the identity of the company? Can't find their contact details? You know the company but you need to contact them in English and you don't speak that language…? There are online help services. These services are chargeable (between 25 and 50 euros) and accompany you on 1 / the identification of the company which charges you, 2. the termination of any current subscription, 3. the requests for reimbursement when possible. Find out more the service I stop the costs !


Why do some companies accept since they do not necessarily have the obligation to do so?

  1. Because they know their sales mechanics are frankly limited ...
  2. For their reputation: because they don't necessarily want you to leave negative comments all over the internet
  3. Because they prefer to negotiate with you ... rather than with your bank or your card publisher (these are the two points that we will cover in the rest of this article!)


Case number 2: I want the bank to reimburse me following an internet scam

You contacted the company taking your money away and they either did not respond or they refused to refund you. You have the possibility to see what it is possible to do with your banker: in certain cases, it will be possible to open a fraud file so that the bank reimburses you (and takes care, for its part, of going claim the money from the company).

These steps are not systematic because the banker may estimate that, since you have validated the T & Cs, it is your fault if you are charged. It really is on a case-by-case basis.


Case number 3: I want my bank card publisher (Mastercard, Visa or other) to reimburse me

The banker refused to accompany you in the reimbursement process for the scam you suffered? You have one option left: contact your card publisher to consider a chargeback procedure (as with the bank, the idea here is that your card publisher will reimburse you, and that it takes care of going to type at the door of the company to collect the money). How does it work, how to contact Mastercard or Visa? We tell you more in this article dedicated to refund by chargeback.

Hope this article has been helpful to you. See you soon for new resources on solutions to internet scams.

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