JUMPERMEDIA NET: who is taking it from me and why? Stop everything.

Understanding this banking charge in 3 key points

Understand and act to stop JUMPERMEDIA NET: we explain!

Are you looking for information on bank charges that appear under the name JUMPERMEDIA NET? In this article we will deal with these 3 topics:

  1. Why does JUMPERMEDIA NET charge me? What service or product is this direct debit linked to?
  2. How to definitively terminate the debits? Is a refund possible?
  3. Is JUMPERMEDIA NET a scam or is it legal? How can I no longer end up with unforeseen debits?

Let's go…

1/3 To which purchase correspond the JUMPERMEDIA NET debits?

Direct debits denominated JUMPERMEDIA NET appear on your bank account because you have subscribed to an online service. Site of contests, cashback / reductions, adult content, clairvoyance, meetings, films / series, video games, clairvoyance ... there are thousands of sites that offer offers on the subscription model).

By subscribing, you have given authorization to JUMPERMEDIA NET to debit you a sum each month. A bit like a SEPA direct debit, but directly via your bank card.

But I have no memory of subscribing to anything! I would never have committed to paying such a sum every month! We believe you. Many Internet users encounter the same problem! What happened ? It is likely that you entered your card details for a small purchase on a website (trial offer, shipping costs for a gift, proof of age, etc.) and you have not read the Site Conditions ( Terms and Conditions) before checking them. These Conditions indicated that your purchase committed you to a subscription, unless you refused. Result: you have subscribed to their service and you will be charged by "; A4; »Each month until you end the subscription.

Don't worry, you are not alone in this situation: we will explain how to terminate the subscription and stop JUMPERMEDIA NET direct debits !

2/3 How to terminate the JUMPERMEDIA NET charges? Is a refund possible?

Canceling JUMPERMEDIA NET direct debits is possible by yourself directly online. You will find more information on the details of the procedure directly on their platform.

If you can't do it or don't want to do it alone (because you are lost, because you do not remember the origin of the subscription or for any other reason), it is possible to pass a termination assistance provider. For this we recommend I stop the costs!

This company helps you to identify the origin of the withdrawals and to stop them definitively. They can even help you get a refund when possible (be careful, refunds are unfortunately not systematic, because they are really on a case-by-case basis. On the other hand, when it comes to stopping JUMPERMEDIA NET direct debits / cancel subscriptions, the services of I stop the costs! are guaranteed 100% effective or reimbursed.

3/3 Label JUMPERMEDIA NET: legal or scam?

And on the side of Justice? Hit or miss ? : in March 2018, the Court of Cassation refused a cardholder to blame his bank following an online scam. Why ? The CDC accepted the culpable negligence of a customer who had transmitted his data to a fraudulent site. This court decision explains why your bank could refuse to block your card / consider a refund of the sums withdrawn if you are responsible for the debits noted on. your bank statement.

If you have not lost your card, it is very unlikely that it is a card piracy as explained above: to block the card would therefore amount to not honoring the contract that commits you to the company that charges you (called JUMPERMEDIA NET). We therefore do not recommend to renew your but to carry out the online procedures to cancel the current subscription..

How to avoid unsolicited withdrawals from my account? In general, the 2 main rules are: 1. Check the legal notices of the sites on which you want to make purchases and 2. beware of "too good deals". We develop more tips this way.

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