All you need to know about MRPIGGYBILL: why are they taking money away from you and how to stop it all?

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this bank charge

1/4 What company charges me under the name MRPIGGYBILL? Should I be afraid of a scam?

The wording MRPIGGYBILL is linked to an online platform that bills you for services. MRPIGGYBILL debits correspond to a subscription. These are recurring direct debits. Concretely, you have undoubtedly entered your bank card on a website to buy a service or subscribe to a trial offer on a site (this can be for meetings, clairvoyance, cultural content such as videos or streaming music. , or a subscription to a sports coaching service, reduction sites, etc. Online services are very varied).

Is this an internet scam? If your bank card has been stolen / hacked and used by a third party, it is indeed a scam. If you have made a purchase yourself, it is not a scam. We tell you more below.

2/4 Why does MRPIGGYBILL take money from me regularly?

The company behind MRPIGGYBILL is withdrawing money from you because you, or someone who had access to your card details, made an internet purchase. What type of purchase? Well for example, a subscription to a service or simply a trial offer leading to a subscription.

Important Info: it happens that the subscriptions linked to MRPIGGYBILL debits are not desired by Internet users. But you should know that attractive trial offers often automatically turn into subscriptions if no request is made to cancel it.

3/4 How to stop the MRPIGGYBILL debits? 2 solutions!

There are 2 solutions to terminate MRPIGGYBILL direct debits and cancel / stop the current subscription:

- You want to do the procedures alone: ​​the solution (free)

  1. Identify the site at the origin of these cash withdrawals (i.e. the site on which you entered your credit card details and took out a subscription)
  2. Once you have found the site, connect to it (if you have a current subscription, the site knows you and you have an account with them)
  3. Once logged in, you will generally find the unsubscribe procedure in the site settings, or even, in some cases, the termination procedure will be offered to you from the first page.

- You wish to be accompanied by a professional: entrust your termination problem to a service provider. Our recommendation to help you stop MRPIGGYBILL withdrawals: sos-internet :

  1. 1. Investigation: the agents take care of the identification searches of the company which takes you from you
  2. 2. Administrative: they carry out the termination procedures
  3. 3. Confidence: they guarantee 100% of 'effective or reimbursed' services
  4. 4/4 The banker's advice: do I have to renew my card to no longer be debited by MRPIGGYBILL?

    What the law says ? : in March 2018, the court of cassation accepted the culpable negligence of a customer who had transmitted his data to a fraudulent site. Indeed, the General Conditions of Sale (GTC) clearly indicated that the trial offer was extended by a subscription if the Internet user was satisfied with the service and did not communicate to the company his desire to terminate the engagement. This court decision explains why a banker may refuse to block your card if you are the initiator of the purchase.

    If you are still in possession of your bank card, it is very unlikely that it is a card hack as explained above: blocking the card would therefore mean not honoring a contract for which you signed up. engaged. We therefore do not recommend blocking your credit card but carrying out the online procedures to cancel the current subscription.

    On the other hand, if it is a card fraud (and therefore, if a stranger used your bank details) you can report it stolen / lost to your banker. You will also be able to open a fraud file to try toget a refund (this point is to be done directly with your bank).

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