TUNEINTUNES took my money. Why and how to cancel this charge?

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Is the TUNEINTUNES direct debit a credit card scam fraud?


If you notice a debit from TUNEINTUNES, it means that your bank card has been entered on a website.

Here are a few examples: a trial offer on a site (clairvoyance, meetings, streaming videos, etc.), a contest to win a smartphone at 1 euro (or any other attractive object: a perfume, cinema tickets, etc.), a foreign e-commerce site which sold particularly inexpensive products ...

Unless your bank card has disappeared and another person has used it to register on a website of this type, there is a good chance that you are at the origin of this subscription to TUNEINTUNES.

In this sense, we cannot consider that it is not a scam in the sense that it is not a bank card hack.


Where does the TUNEINTUNES direct debit come from?


As explained above, this speed follows an internet subscription.

Our diagnosis: It seems that the CB TUNEINTUNES withdrawal is linked to contests such as "Win a smartphone for 1 euro", "Your tablet for 1 euro" ... Their mechanics? You enter your bank details as part of one of these contests and you end up subscribed to some service. The company that manages TUNEINTUNES can thus deduct one or more sums from you each month under the pretext of a subscription.

Please note: this direct debit is recurring. You must complete cancellation procedures to no longer be charged for the next few months.


How to stop TUNEINTUNES direct debits?


There are two solutions to stop withdrawals from TUNEINTUNES and terminate any subscription taken out against your will:

- 'I want to manage on my own': the solution (free)

  1. Identify the site at the origin of these withdrawals: on which site did you enter your bank card details?
  2. Once you have found the site, connect to it (if you have a current subscription with them, you have created an account in the past)
  3. Once logged in, you will usually find the unsubscribe procedure in the site settings

- 'I prefer to let a pro handle the problem': go through a service provider such as Sos Internet to help you stop direct debits TUNEINTUNES:

    1. They take care of the identification searches of the company that takes your money
    2. They carry out the termination procedures
    3. They send you a confirmation email once everything is stopped


Can I block my card with my bank to stop the TUNEINTUNES charges?


If it is a card fraud (lost card used by a third party, etc.), you can declare it lost to your banker. You will also be able to open a fraud file to try to obtain a refund (this point is to be discussed directly with your bank advisor).

If you are still in possession of your card, it is very unlikely that it is a card hack: in this case, you have entered your bank details and have validated the GTC (General Conditions of Sale) which informed you about a possible subscription: blocking the card would therefore mean not honoring a contract for which you have signed up. We therefore do not recommend blocking your credit card.

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    please delete the debit of 2.98 € that you have been making for 2 months on my account. I have never asked for anything from you thank you

    • Gudrun Cadusseau

      Since January 2021, each month I have been withdrawn between 7 € 96 and 9 € 95. I never look for music, games or other.
      It's theft and I opened a fraud case against them at the bank.

  2. Elisabeth GAZAGNE

    Please stop withdrawals from my account that you have been making for 2 months; I have not taken out any contract with you. Thank you

    • Marie

      I got caught in a draw for a cooker from LIDL. I paid 3 euros by credit card and without asking my opinion I was charged twice in January for the sum of 2 euros. I changed bank card, but I learn that I am "subscribed" and will have to pay ... again. However I can't find the site where to unsubscribe... THEY ARE STRONG

  3. Hardness

    Please stop the withdrawals on my bank account, I have not taken out any contract with you, you are scammers, please reimburse me for the withdrawals of 39.90 that you have been taking from me for 2 months.
    Be quick……..
    Yours truly.

    • Jeanine Theuil

      YOU TAKE ME 3,95, NOT MONTH, I DON'T KNOW I DIDN'T PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. Please stop withdrawing, as soon as possible before prosecution.

    • Lagae Francine

      Me too they withdraw 39 euros several times in the month I also did not subscribe to anything it is scammers I changed my credit card are sufficient done quickly also a big thank you

  4. Hardness

    Please stop all the withdrawals that you steal from me every month, you are big vokers, you take advantage of honest people, take their example rather than steal them .... shame on you ....


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