Who are we ?


The site “À quoi correspond le prélèvement ? ” is a directory of direct debit titles. See a strange line on your bank statement? Enter it on the site and we will help you identify the origin of this flow and stop it.

This directory is brought to you by Sos Internet. Sos Internet is an online service which offers Internet users who are victims of unknown samples to help them in their research and in their efforts to no longer be taken.

Sos Internet offers paid services but also free content and advice: this directory, for example, is 100% free. We have chosen to open the comments so that everyone who visits a page can help or be helped by the community.

Advice from Ludo, our expert in internet direct debits

The Top 3 to follow to avoid unpleasant surprises on the internet:

1.Never enter your bank details on a site before having consulted the “legal notices” and “Terms and Conditions” (general conditions of sale) of this site. These two pieces of information are available in the footer of each website offering the sale of products or services.

2.Remember that a website (except associations, governments…) aims to earn money. A site cannot earn money by offering smartphones at 1 euro, half an hour of clairvoyance consultation at 2 euros, or three days of testing on a dating site at 3 euros.

3. Banks now offer solutions to avoid fraud on the internet as much as possible. For example, you can now have two bank cards, one for your classic purchases in stores or others. And the second specific for internet purchases. Thus, you reduce the risk of regretted purchases.