XSOLLA withdraws money from my account: who are they and how to stop the debits?

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this bank charge


1/4 - Is the XSOLLA bank charge a card fraud type scam?


Your bank statement displays a debit from XSOLLA: this means that your bank card numbers have been entered on a website.

The cases that we often find: a trial offer on a site (games, clairvoyance, meetings, streaming content ...), contest that gives you the impression of having won a gift of 1 euro (a smartphone , a perfume, cinema tickets…), e-commerce site (often foreign) which sells products, branded or not, particularly inexpensive…

Unless you have lost your bank card and someone else has used it to register on a website of this type, there is a good chance that you are at the origin of this subscription to XSOLLA .

In this sense, we cannot consider that it is not a scam in the sense that it is not a bank card hack.


2/4 - What is the origin of the XSOLLA card debit?


As explained above, this flow is the consequence of a subscription to an online service.

Our diagnosis: It seems that the CB XSOLLA withdrawal results from a subscription to a website (various services such as clairvoyance, content for adults or others). You enter your bank details as part of a 2 or 3 day trial offer and you end up subscribed to the service. The company that manages XSOLLA can thus deduct one or more sums from you each month under the pretext of a subscription.

Please note: this direct debit is recurring. Remember to take steps to terminate it so as not to be charged over the next few weeks or months.

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3/4 - How to stop XSOLLA card withdrawals?


There are two solutions to stop withdrawals from XSOLLA and terminate any subscription taken out against your will:

- 'I want to manage on my own': the solution (free)

  1. Identify the site at the origin of these withdrawals (= the site on which you took a trial offer): on which site did you enter your credit card details?
  2. Once you have found the site, connect to it (if you have a current subscription with them, you have created an account in the past)
  3. Once logged in, you will usually find the unsubscribe procedure in the site settings

- 'I prefer to let a professional manage the problem': go through a service provider such as "I stop the charges" to help you stop the withdrawals XSOLLA:

    1. They take care of the identification searches of the company that takes your money
    2. They carry out the termination procedures
    3. They send you a confirmation email once everything is stopped


4/4 - Can I have my card canceled with my bank to stop the XSOLLA charges?


If it is a card fraud, that is, if the card has been physically lost and used by a third party, you can report it lost to your banker. You will also be able to open a fraud file to try to obtain a refund (this point is to be discussed directly with your bank advisor).

If you are still in possession of your card, it is very unlikely that it is a card hack: in this case, you have entered your bank details and have validated the GTC (General Conditions of Sale) which informed you about a possible subscription: blocking the card would therefore mean not honoring a contract for which you have signed up. We therefore do not recommend blocking your credit card.

What the law says ? : in March 2018, the court of cassation accepted the culpable negligence of a customer who had transmitted his data to a fraudulent site. This is the reason why a banker may refuse to block your card if you are the originator of the subscription.

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  1. Michel Breton

    hello I just received a message from Xsolla telling me that my 49.99 debit has been made I have not ordered anything what should I do

    • michalowski

      Hello ditto, received a withdrawal email of 49,99 euros by xsolla vistaprint. What's this?

    • Gaul

      Have you made a purchase from roblox recently?

      • Sophie

        Hello myself, I just noticed a payment of 9.99 euros, and it's good roblox

        • Sofiane

          Hello, after making a purchase on roblox I have several unwanted payments coming from xsolla, have you found a way to stop this?

  2. ingrid

    Same direct debit of 49.99 €


    Twice 60 € the same day no subscription and no email or message from XSOLLA

  4. Frutige

    xsolla collected from me 17.25, 0.48, 43.02, 1.20 between 18.10.21 and 26.10.21. I have never been on clairvoyance sites, X or other which asked for my no. bank card.

    After discovering these debits, I immediately asked my bank to replace the card, with a new no.
    In the meantime, I will try to recover these amounts withdrawn, the bank being responsible, according to French law, to compensate the injured party in the event of fraud.

  5. roger husson

    I also received this kind of message with a so-called subscribed subscription. it's a scam we know but why haven't done anything to put an end to this kind of scammers, we get fooled every time!!!


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