ARAMEX-LOGIN: why do I have unknown expenses every month? How to stop everything?

Understanding this banking charge in 3 key points

Stopping CB ARAMEX-LOGIN payments is possible: how to do it?

Are you one of the Internet users looking for information on ARAMEX-LOGIN debits? Here is all the information we have gathered about this company in 3 parts in this article:

  1. Why is ARAMEX-LOGIN taking money from my account? What service are they selling?
  2. What is the process for stopping spending? Is it possible to get reimbursed?
  3. How can they charge me directly each month? I am not sure if I have given my consent to ARAMEX-LOGIN? Could it be a fraud?

We detail it all below!

1/3 What is the identity of the company behind the ARAMEX-LOGIN withdrawals that appear on my bank statement?

ARAMEX-LOGIN debits are linked to subscriptions to online services. Following a registration on a website, there have been one or more direct debits made by ARAMEX-LOGIN. This can be the result of registration for a contest, discounts, dating sites, films/series, video games, clairvoyance, etc. There are thousands of sites with attractive offers (at least at first glance) that offer a subscription system.

By subscribing (even when you do not realize it at the time), the company linked to ARAMEX-LOGIN is authorized to make monthly withdrawals from your credit card. It works like a SEPA direct debit, but with your bank card whose information has been communicated.

I had not understood that it would be necessary to pay every month! I feel scammed! Don't worry, we understand a lot of people complaining about not having a subscription and monthly debits. The problem comes from the fact that you have given your credit card numbers to make an online purchase, pay postage for a gift, etc… without reading the T&Cs! In the General Conditions of Sale (Terms and Conditions) of the site, it is written that if you do not cancel, the subscription will be automatically activated with your bank card. It is therefore clear that you have an active subscription linked to your bank card.

Many of you on Internet forums report the same testimonials, don't worry, we will help you understand how to cancel your subscription as well as all payments related to the ARAMEX-LOGIN label. !

2/3 How can I get rid of ARAMEX-LOGIN direct debits? Is it possible to get a refund?

It is possible to terminate ARAMEX-LOGIN direct debits. You can personally terminate your subscription online and find all the useful information on the relevant website.

If you are not comfortable with the web or do not remember where the direct debits come from, you can call on a service provider to help you with the termination of your subscription. We recommend you I stop the costs!, who can help you solve this problem and sometimes even get a refund.

However, refunds are not automatic and depend on the sites you have a subscription with. With I stop the costs!, you can be sure of a stoppage of ARAMEX-LOGIN direct debits and a reliable termination thanks to their 100% effective or refunded guarantee!

3/3 Title ARAMEX-LOGIN: is this an authorized act or a fraud?

Should I fear a scam from ARAMEX-LOGIN? There is some debate as to whether this system is legit or not. However, in March 2018, the Court of Cassation determined that the culpable negligence of a customer had been the cause of the scam, because he had transmitted his banking information to a site which turned out to be dishonest (l Internet user had not consulted the Conditions which stipulated the subscription). Consequently, the bank refused the refund requests, believing that its customer was responsible for securing his data.


Banks can therefore invoke this decision of the French courts to justify their refusal to suspend your bank card as well as suspicious payments.

It is unlikely that your bank card has been hacked by the ARAMEX-LOGIN site, since you still have it in your possession. However, blocking your card would mean a breach of the terms and conditions you agreed to when you signed up for the subscription. We therefore advise you not to block your bank card and to cancel your subscription without delay.

How to stay safe from dubious withdrawals related to online purchases? To protect yourself, you must first read the legal notices of the website where you are making your purchase. It is also important to be wary of 'too good deals'. Read our article for more tips: protect yourself on the internet.


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